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The life and musings of a single girl with two vaginas.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Date Night: Recap

It was an interesting night. John and I ended up doing my favorite kind of date: dinner and a movie. I finally got to see Little Miss sunshine, which I've been hearing about all summer, but haven't managed to see. I'm not one to go to movies by myself, and my dating schedule has been light, to say the least, so, yeah, I didn't see it until last night.

But can I now join the rest of the world in saying, LOVED IT! It's really just such a heartwarming movie. The little girl is soooo adorable. And the dysfunctional characters are so special. Don't you think me and my little "quirk of nature" totally fit in with that movie? I may use Little Miss Sunshine as a nickname.

So John and I went to dinner around 7. A little Thai place, I forget the name at the moment. It was really delicious though, I will find it out so I can recommend it. The food was very spicy , both John and I were sweating and we ended up pulling up a chair for the water-guy so he didn't have to keep going back-and-forth. I love spicy food though, so it was all good.

After the movie we went out to get a couple drinks. One thing I like about the dinner-and-movie is that it takes up an evening without a need for alcohol. Dinner, movie, and a night out drinking is a bit much for a weeknight, so there's a built-in opt-out clause that allows you to preserve your sobriety (and therefore your integrity). Considering the last time we went out I did everything you're not supposed to do if you're a self-respecting woman, I definitely wanted to present my more modest side today. I let John know that I had to get up early for the early call-center shift today, so there would be no nightcaps.

All in all, the night went well. Interesting conversation. But you can never really tell until the next couple days, when you either hear from him, or you don't. John's going away this weekend (also wise of me not to give provide anymore sordid sex tales for him to share with his friends in the Hamptons, don't you think?), so maybe he'll send a text or something today or over the weekend. But I don't really expect to hear from him until next week.

Some friends of mine have been talking about getting out of town this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some things to distract me. We shall see.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Double Vagina = Double "First Date" Chastity Belt

So tonight's my first real "date" night with John, but the usual pre-date giddiness is tempered by this weird sense of dread. As you may recall we had, er, "relations" on the first encounter (a bar hook-up). Normally first-date sex is hazardous to any potential relationship, but in my case (that being, the double vagina case) it's certain suicide. Not only does he have to deal with the commitment-phobe guy bullshit ("Oh no! Now I have a girlfriend! Run for the hills!"), he's also got to come to terms with this unique, 2-for-1 situation. This is when I get really self-conscious. I put myself in his shoes, and can't help but think he'll end up finding it creepy. On the other hand, if he really likes it, maybe he's just doing it (or them rather) for the novelty. Arg!

What I really want is for him to like me for me, not for the sex and definitely not for the bearded twins. I suppose tonight I'll have to reverse the "She fucks on the first date" stigma, even though I know it's completely useless. Guys are hip to that game, and once the floodgates are open there is no turning back (look at my water metaphors at work!) So...I'm puttin' up a new levee. The double chastity belt's going on. If this thing has any chance to go anywhere, I've got to be good. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Box Set on Playboy Radio!

Heather from has been very supportive of my double vaginas and has not only written about it, but has discussed Box Set on her guest stint on Playboy Radio Morning Show!

Thanks, Heather!

You can listen to the clip here.

I highly suggest that you listen to it, because you can hear for yourself the different ways men would react to my coozies, including taking a picture with a cameraphone and running for the door, suggesting that I have a warning bell on the fly of my pants, and soliciting women like me for experimental sex. Oh, and they called me a whore for letting John do me in both. Which is really just fantastic. THIS is what I have been dealing with-- although I know that thus far, I've just been meeting the wrong guys. I highly doubt that Playboy Radio hosts are models of tolerance and sensitivity.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fake flower

A few of you have been wondering if I ever ended up getting together with "John", the guy from last week who had been to no man's land(s). After a lengthy phone call with my sister (who only has one vagina, before you all ask. And yes, she is jealous), it was decided that he was decent enough that I could give him a shot at a sober-ish date, and feel out his motives. I once asked a guy friend in college if he would ever fuck a girl with two vaginas, just to say he did, and he said that if she were attractive enough, he would, but once he'd done it once or twice, he wouldn't keep doing it again just for the sake of it- she'd either have to be hot and/or he'd have to be dating her. At first that seemed like exactly what I DIDN'T want to hear, but dear sister pointed out that there are a lot worse reasons a guy would fuck a girl once just to say he did, such as "She had A vagina". It's a good point, and I've decided to let John take me out for drinks (I said sober-ISH) on Wednesday. I figured, who needs the pressure of a weekend date when they've already got this hanging over their heads?

However, I've been thinking- as the girl in the Esquire article points out, both of these babies are functional. I have had sex in both (though not often in the smaller one), so it's not an issue of being a half-virgin or anything, but most guys don't know this, leaving me in the unique position of being able to claim to be both a virgin (sexy) and not (also sexy). I've never been much one for leading guys on, but if I like a guy, then it might be cool for him to think that he's the first one to, ahem, take the maidenhead of the smaller one. I mean, how often do guys get to take a girl's virginity without having to deal with the stigma of being the guy who took a girl's virginity, and the inevitable ensuing drama? It's really only just occurred to me to try and pull this off, and I might not even do it (depends on how much I like any future guys, or how much I think they'd like it), but it's definitely an idea, and one that only I and a few others could pull off....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thank You!

I just want to thank everyone for their outpouring of support. Since I was featured on Gawker, I've received many emails from people that are full of encouragement, and for those of you who took the time to write, I'd like to thank you.

There were a few questions that I would like to answer:

1.) Yes, I can have two orgasms at the same time.
2.) No, my grandmother did not take DES
3.) Not sure if I can become pregnant in both uteruses. I menstruate in both uteruses, so in theory, yes-- but I haven't tried getting pregnant and I haven't talked to my doctor about it... yet.
4.) I don't have two clitorises. A vagina is not a clitoris.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 25, 2006

What a day!

First John calls, and now I'm on Gawker? This should be a good weekend.

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it both entertaining and educational. Like Sesame Street, but with two vaginas.

Twice the Vagina, Twice the Estrogen

So I was out on my lunch break when my phone rang, and it was the guy from last night (who, for simplicity's sake, we'll just call "John"). He asked me what I was doing this weekend and wanted to make plans. I said I was busy tonight (which is a lie, but you never want to look too available), but that I'd call him tomorrow and maybe we could grab dinner or something.

So now I'm a mess. On one hand, I'm really excited because he actually CALLED, which makes me feel less whorish than I was before. However, now I have a whole other set of crazy thoughts flying around in my head-- mostly, whether or not he's calling me because I have two vaginas. I mean, he's obviously not freaked out by it (which is GREAT), but now I wonder if he's only dating me because I'm a novelty and not because he really likes me.


Why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can't I just be glad he called? Oh well. Twice the vagina, twice the estrogen, twice the crazy.

So, I feel like a whore this morning.

These are similar to the goggles I wore out last night

Long story short, I went out with a couple of my girlfriends last night and I met a guy. I found him somewhat interesting, moderately attractive, but very do-able. (Considering I haven't been laid in so long, I am basically wearing beer goggles at all waking moments).

My girlfriends don't know that I have two vaginas so they don't understand my hesitancy at hooking up with a stranger. "Just wear a condom; it will be fun," is their go-to tagline. Oh, you might be wondering why my friends don't know this little fun fact about me. In a nutshell, it's because, let's be real here, chicks are shady. If we get into even one little argument, my double vagina will be on the cover of the NY Post... Bitches (in a nice way, of course). But, seriously, this could be major blackmail so I've always kept it to myself. It's the one secret that I won't tell you after constant prodding, i.e. I'll tell ya what you're getting for Christmas, but I won't tell you about the double box it's wrapped in.

Again, reaffirming why I started this blog. I had to tell someone. (Merry Christmas to you).

But getting back to the point, I ended up inviting the vaguely good-looking guy back to my apartment with me. He accepted. There were no frills; no bells, no whistles... no, "Let's have a nightcap" or "Wanna watch a movie?" We both knew what we were there for and we got down to business.

Alcohol makes me a bit more confident than it should. Thus, I opened our sexual conversation like this: "You want to know something cool?" I laid it on the table. He was definitely impressed, but probably more so in a "Holy shit, my friends are never going to believe this!" kind of way.

So, yeah...I let him do me in both. And, that, my friends, is why I feel like a whore this morning.

Coffee and whorebag, please? Oh, I'd like my bagel toasted with whore. My whores scrambled with cheese. Thanks.

Yep, that about sums it up.

(I hope he calls me)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big enough of a dick, even for me

Michael Noer, you are a complete dick.

So basically, any woman who has half a brain and isn't on welfare is going to cheat on her husband and make him miserable because of her high standards? Well, fuck you. This from the same guy who wrote an article comparing whores to wives in terms of economic value? As my friend Ali said, someone obviously has mommy issues or was cheated on because he has a small penis.

It's articles like these that set the whole gender equality movement back 50 years. Why bother educating yourself and getting a job (except to find a hubby)? Be an economic and social leech onto your superior husband who in all likelihood is banging his secretary or searching for articles about women with two va-jay-jays on the internet.

I salute Jane from Pink India Ink for writing the an article that tells the truth about the whole situation.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I always joke about finding a man with two penises, but such men really do exist! A 24 year old man in India has two fully functioning penises, a condition known as diphallus. He's having surgery to remove his second penis because he wants more of a normal life. I guess it's different with two penises as opposed to two vaginas, because it's all hanging out, so to speak-- but part of me feels like he should just embrace it. I mean, this guy in Germany had doctors give him two penises-- I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

I wonder if it's a cultural difference (South East culture vs Western culture) that is making the guy get the surgery. I know India is the land of the Kama Sutra and everything, but maybe they're a little less licentious than the Germans (who are supposedly pretty kinky). Anyway, all I can say is that I hope that everything works out for him. Too bad he's not in the States, I feel like it's sort of a shame that he and I never got to try our double equipment out. Although, to be honest, I'd settle for a single-membered guy at this point.

Speaking of dating, I would just like to note that having two vaginas is NOT an STD. I appreciate the concern of this person who sent me the link to the following site:

I may have a few more dating problems than most, but I am not diseased-- and would like to remain that way. I was actually told by my doctor that if I were to get an STD, it would be probably be much harder to get rid of than if I only had one vagina/uterus, so much thanks, but this site is particularly unhelpful to me. It's stuff like this that makes me glad I have the blog-- I can set the masses straight.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Clearing the plumbing

Even though I was made aware of my "special situation"(as my parents, at least my mother, liked to call it. My father has made mention of it exactly four times in my life, but those are stories for a later time.) at a young age, your uterus and vagina don't really come into play until your early teens. Sure, I played Doctor with the neighborhood boys, but "didelphic uterus" wasn't really one of the more common maladies that we "diagnosed" each other with.

As for the girl business involved...everyone's seen the opening scene in Carrie, where Carrie has her first period in the shower after gym class and the other girls throw sanitary napkins and tampons at her. I was lucky enough to avoid starting my little friend during the school year, instead becoming a woman (or twice a woman) over the summer months of my thirteenth year, just before I went away to summer camp. Having a more than passing acquaintance with the feminine anatomy at this point- I practically had to correct the embarassed little old lady they hired to give the "Your Bodies and You" talk to the girls in my fifth grade health class- I wasn't as frightened as a lot of girls, but I definitely didn't make the move into tampons until I was nearly seventeen. My flow only occurs from one side of my uterus, and is actually lighter than most people's, due to its' reduced size, but it can often be difficult to tell which uterus it's coming from, and while I was acutely aware of how I looked "down there" in sonograms and medical textbooks, I had no desire to go fishing around until my Senior Skip Day fell during my cycle and I found myself in the unenviable position of having to wear a bikini in front of my crush. And so, on that hooky-playing morning, I grabbed a mirror and one of my mother's tampaxes, hiked my leg up on the toilet, and four tries later, I struck gold.

After enough margarita-laced nights with girlfriends, I know this tale is shared by a lot of other girls, and that's comforting to me- no matter how embarassing it was to be two teenage girls stuffed into one body, at least it was only as embarassing and awkward a time as the rest of you had.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Let's Get This Out of The Way: Frequently Asked Questions

Like any misunderstood person ought to, I am providing you with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Q: Why are you providing me with a list of FAQs?

I figure I'd get it over with since everyone seems to have the same questions (further proving that the majority of the human race is comprised of total idiots). Plus, it sort of gets everyone on the same page, gives them a certain background as to who I am, what I've been through, and why I'm doing this. Besides, everyone likes a good list now and again.

Q: Can you have sex with two people at one time?

Yes, although getting in a comfortable position would be somewhat difficult. In less amazing news, you too can have sex with two people at one time.

Q: What position might that be?

I’m sure there are many positions, but I assume the most convenient would be for me to be sandwiched between two males. One on bottom; one from behind. One penetrates as the other pulls out, much like a see-saw.

Q: Do you do this a lot?

Actually, I’ve never done it. That's not saying that I will. Or, conversely, that I wouldn't.

Q: If you had your choice, would you opt to have only one?

Yes. It wasn't really an issue for me until I started dating - every man I've wanted to get serious with runs for the door upon learning about my double V. It's a dealbreaker - even the kinky ones can't seem to cope. Therefore, I haven't had a serious relationship, never been in love, and have had far less sex than you would expect of someone my age.

Q: Does this ever freak men out?

See above.

Q: Can you "seal" one of your vaginas up?

No, there’s just one hole, but internally, it splits into two vaginal canals with a septum between them. It sounds less embarrassing than it is, but trust me...

Q: How long do you usually wait to tell a man that you're dating?

In the past, I've waited for the man to question my genital make-up. Upon questioning, I always spill the beans. The reason for this is that if he's down there "exploring," chances are he's in good spirits. But I changed my tune when my last boyfriend bailed. This rejection caused me to feel symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and caused me to seek therapy. I just can't seem to get past it at this point. My fear of rejection is manifested in extreme insecurity when I find myself falling for someone. In non-dating scenarios, I'm quite confident.

Q: So, if you want to keep it under wraps, why did you start a blog about it?

You might have noticed that this blog is anonymous. Clearly I'm not revealing my identity. In any event, the blog is supposed to be "therapeutic", or so says my therapist.

Q: Would you ever consider becoming a lesbian?

I find this question to be stupid. Would a man with two penises have to be gay? I don't see why a lesbian would be more interested in my twin cooches than a man would. That being said, if men keep running scared, I might just have to train myself to like women.

Q: Are you single?

Why, yes, I am. Thanks for asking.

Further questions can be addressed to me at

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What I look like inside

This is what it looks like to have two vaginas. This isn't my ultrasound, but it's pretty similar.

The courage to come out

There was an article in Esquire recently that talked about a woman with two vaginas. Everyone was buzzing about it, because it seems strange, but it's not strange to me. I also have have two vaginas (or, for any doctors in the crowd, didelphic uterus).

I always felt like some sort of freak or weirdo, but now that everyone is talking about how cool it is, I figured I'd start the blog to show what it's REALLY like. That article made it seem like it was all fun and games-- guys accepting it, two orgasms, all of that. It's not all fun and games, and I think that this blog will show that. I'm a real person, just like you-- I just happen to have two vaginas.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I hope you find it to be enlightening.