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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big enough of a dick, even for me

Michael Noer, you are a complete dick.

So basically, any woman who has half a brain and isn't on welfare is going to cheat on her husband and make him miserable because of her high standards? Well, fuck you. This from the same guy who wrote an article comparing whores to wives in terms of economic value? As my friend Ali said, someone obviously has mommy issues or was cheated on because he has a small penis.

It's articles like these that set the whole gender equality movement back 50 years. Why bother educating yourself and getting a job (except to find a hubby)? Be an economic and social leech onto your superior husband who in all likelihood is banging his secretary or searching for articles about women with two va-jay-jays on the internet.

I salute Jane from Pink India Ink for writing the an article that tells the truth about the whole situation.


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