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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Date Night: Recap

It was an interesting night. John and I ended up doing my favorite kind of date: dinner and a movie. I finally got to see Little Miss sunshine, which I've been hearing about all summer, but haven't managed to see. I'm not one to go to movies by myself, and my dating schedule has been light, to say the least, so, yeah, I didn't see it until last night.

But can I now join the rest of the world in saying, LOVED IT! It's really just such a heartwarming movie. The little girl is soooo adorable. And the dysfunctional characters are so special. Don't you think me and my little "quirk of nature" totally fit in with that movie? I may use Little Miss Sunshine as a nickname.

So John and I went to dinner around 7. A little Thai place, I forget the name at the moment. It was really delicious though, I will find it out so I can recommend it. The food was very spicy , both John and I were sweating and we ended up pulling up a chair for the water-guy so he didn't have to keep going back-and-forth. I love spicy food though, so it was all good.

After the movie we went out to get a couple drinks. One thing I like about the dinner-and-movie is that it takes up an evening without a need for alcohol. Dinner, movie, and a night out drinking is a bit much for a weeknight, so there's a built-in opt-out clause that allows you to preserve your sobriety (and therefore your integrity). Considering the last time we went out I did everything you're not supposed to do if you're a self-respecting woman, I definitely wanted to present my more modest side today. I let John know that I had to get up early for the early call-center shift today, so there would be no nightcaps.

All in all, the night went well. Interesting conversation. But you can never really tell until the next couple days, when you either hear from him, or you don't. John's going away this weekend (also wise of me not to give provide anymore sordid sex tales for him to share with his friends in the Hamptons, don't you think?), so maybe he'll send a text or something today or over the weekend. But I don't really expect to hear from him until next week.

Some friends of mine have been talking about getting out of town this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some things to distract me. We shall see.


  • At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Gil said…

    Hi, Little Miss Sunshine. Just came onto your blog from nerve where you were featured in their scanner section.
    A really interesting phenonemon you have. I got to thinking about your problem of men going out with you to experience your fairly unique vagina(s). I'm afraid I'd want to experience it. Whether it went further would depend on how the chemistry, interests and values compatabilty stacked up.
    I'd love to slip from one to the other by moving my ass to get the correct angles, although it may be difficult due to a size incompatiblity for your smaller one. Still an interesting thought.
    On another tack. I really don't know why you think of yourself as a whore for having sex on the first date. You don't think less of John for doing so, and I'm sure he doesn't berate himself either. I have never got involved with a woman who didn't have sex on the first date as I believe that I wouldn't be sexually compatable with a woman who didn't.
    I think you're great. Not only do you have a great blog, you have 2 vaginas and look good too.


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