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Monday, August 28, 2006

Fake flower

A few of you have been wondering if I ever ended up getting together with "John", the guy from last week who had been to no man's land(s). After a lengthy phone call with my sister (who only has one vagina, before you all ask. And yes, she is jealous), it was decided that he was decent enough that I could give him a shot at a sober-ish date, and feel out his motives. I once asked a guy friend in college if he would ever fuck a girl with two vaginas, just to say he did, and he said that if she were attractive enough, he would, but once he'd done it once or twice, he wouldn't keep doing it again just for the sake of it- she'd either have to be hot and/or he'd have to be dating her. At first that seemed like exactly what I DIDN'T want to hear, but dear sister pointed out that there are a lot worse reasons a guy would fuck a girl once just to say he did, such as "She had A vagina". It's a good point, and I've decided to let John take me out for drinks (I said sober-ISH) on Wednesday. I figured, who needs the pressure of a weekend date when they've already got this hanging over their heads?

However, I've been thinking- as the girl in the Esquire article points out, both of these babies are functional. I have had sex in both (though not often in the smaller one), so it's not an issue of being a half-virgin or anything, but most guys don't know this, leaving me in the unique position of being able to claim to be both a virgin (sexy) and not (also sexy). I've never been much one for leading guys on, but if I like a guy, then it might be cool for him to think that he's the first one to, ahem, take the maidenhead of the smaller one. I mean, how often do guys get to take a girl's virginity without having to deal with the stigma of being the guy who took a girl's virginity, and the inevitable ensuing drama? It's really only just occurred to me to try and pull this off, and I might not even do it (depends on how much I like any future guys, or how much I think they'd like it), but it's definitely an idea, and one that only I and a few others could pull off....


  • At 4:17 AM, Blogger Chris Champagne said…

    Hmmm...that's certainly an interresting idea, and one that only you could come up with, no doubt. But I'm not sure that it would make much of a difference to a guy (I am one.) I think the appeal of a virgin for a guy is the sense that there isn't (or at least hasn't been) any competition. It maks a guy feel like he's the only guy in the world. And, if the guy is a virgin, it's also a much less intimidating experience if you know she is a virgin too. But if you've already had one done, doing the other doesn't seem like such a big deal. On top of that, it really is a lie on your part. If you really like a guy, lying to him probably isn't the best way to start a relationship even if you think it will turn him on. I think just telling him you have two functional vaginas would turn him on just fine, virgin or not.

  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous The Naughty Professor said…

    Guys who fetishize virgins tend to be a little weird and insecure about their prowess... you might do yourself a disfavor by trying out that ruse.


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